I am going to make a personal plea that we have a safe year at Lake Thunderbird. The lake is reaching a point where it is getting dangerous to be out on the water on holiday weekends....safety is key to any activity! Be safe!

Call For Volunteers

The lake needs you! Lake Thunderbird is one of the least expensive lakes in IL when it comes to users fees..this is due in part to our large volunteer force! So if you aren't in a group or committee at the lake let's go ahead and join at least one group. As the saying goes....many hands make light work!

Henry Methodist Church

The Saturday worship service looks like it is going to get cut due to the budget situation. This is most unfortunate news since ALL churches I am sure are hurting for members. Remember that God never stops loving you...YOU choose to stop loving him!


I don't get it... go to any restaurant on a weekend during dinner time and it will be crowded. The government keeps telling us that economy is getting better, but I don't believe them. I have too many friends out of work. I feel that I am barely scrapping by currently. So if you are graduating this spring it is critical that you get into some intership program...that may pave the way for a job offer if you are lucky!


From my understanding atvs are not allowed on the frozen lake...yes I know that over the years I have seen atvs go by during the ice fishing season, but I guess now you will get a ticket now! I understand that ticket is quite expensive also.

Coming events....

And now a word from the Webmaster....

At work we have been having this nagging problem on the Macs. The problem occurs with both Entourage and Apple Mail where certain email folder won't update correctly. We have tried all sorts of fixes , but to noavail. It looks like 10.6.3 will fix the above email problems hopefully. I am just passing this along in case someone else is having the same problem.

Until next time.......

See you on the lake!